Ocean State Libraries

Public Libraries of Rhode Island - Together in One Catalog

Ocean State Libraries is a nonprofit consortium that serves over 50 library systems in Rhode Island, including a public library available to every Rhode Island resident in their community. We provide state-wide catalog access, free database access, research tools, digital downloads, and technical support to member libraries so we all can better serve our patrons and communities.

  • OSL proactively supports and maintains broadband internet access for member libraries, helping to create public internet access for all through Rhode Island public libraries. OSL monitors traffic to ensure equitable access and system performance, and provides internet filtering as required for federal funds.
  • OSL maintains the software system that manages borrowing at member libraries, including sharing of books between libraries for the benefit of all Rhode Islanders.
  • OSL provides professional cataloging services to help describe the holdings of public libraries and makes records available for searching on the internet.
  • OSL seeks funding for and helps maintain many of the cost-effective computer systems in use by the public at their libraries.
  • OSL provides public access to electronic books, streaming movies and electronic audio cooperatively purchased by member libraries.
  • OSL helps provide member library staff with training, meeting space, videoconferencing, group purchasing, statistics, and technical support.

OSL employs 10 full-time staff and supports the over 600 staff members at the 71 member library sites.  There are over 15 million circulation transactions (checkouts, holds, renewals, checkins) performed each year in our system.