What do the various statuses mean in the catalog?

  • AVAILABLE  The item is currently available and should be on the shelf at the library.  If you are on your way to the library to pick this item up, it is recommended that you call ahead and ask a library staff member to put the item aside for you.
  • SHELVING CART  An item will show a status of Shelving Cart if it was recently returned to the owning library.  The time it takes for the item to get back on the shelf will vary by library, so it’s best to check with a staff person.
  • DISPLAY  A library has this item on a display.  Check with the owning library for availability.
  • ON ORDER  A library has recently purchased an item but has not yet received it.  Many libraries will pre-order popular titles to give patrons a chance to place a request in the catalog.
  • IN CATALOGING  Items with a status of IN CATALOGING were recently acquired by the library and work is being done on the item to prepare it for circulation.  Requests can usually be placed on these items.
  • ON SEARCH or MISSING  The item is missing from the library shelves.  Try broadening your search to find available copies at other libraries.
  • IN TRANSIT  The item is either on its way to another library to fill a hold for a patron at another library or on its way back to the owning library.
  • ON HOLDSHELF  The item has been received and is being held at the library designated by the patron as a pickup location.
  • HELD AT …  An item is held at CIRC (Circulation Desk), REFERENCE or CHILDRENS, usually temporarily.  Items with a status of HELD AT REFERENCE are not available for request.
  • LIB USE ONLY  These are usually reference materials that can be used by visiting the owning library.
  • LIBRARIAN USE  The library has marked this item for staff use or reference use only. Please check with library staff for availability or to help for help finding an available copy at another library.
  • REPAIR  An item needs to be repaired, so it is not available to be checked out.
  • CLAIMS RETD  The item was claimed to be returned by a patron.
  • BILLED  The item is long overdue and the patron who borrowed it has been billed for it.
  • LOST & PAID  The item has been lost by a patron who has paid for it.
  • PROBLEM SHELF  The item has been returned, but there is a problem with it.  It may be missing a disc, a case, or a paper insert, or the item may be damaged in some way.
  • DELETED  The item is not available for borrowing because it has been marked for withdrawal from the catalog.
  • STORAGE  The item has been placed in storage and is not available for request.
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