No Late Fees

In recognition of the challenges facing Rhode Islanders, Ocean State Libraries members have extended the fine free period through the end of May 2021.  There will be no overdue fines on library items during this time.

These are challenging times for us all!  Your libraries want to be sure that you have access to the information and resources that you need and understand that the pandemic has created some obstacles to everyone’s daily routines.  Going fine free is our way of taking a needless concern off your plate.

We do still appreciate on-time and early returns.  Chances are, one of your friends or neighbors is waiting to read the same book.  Speedy returns help us to serve everyone’s educational, informational and recreational needs.

Note that this period of fine forgiveness only applies to overdue fines.  Replacement fees for lost items remain in effect.

Thank you so much for all your support, patience and understanding as your libraries work hard to safely and responsibly restore library service!  We appreciate it!