Information About Phone Scam Involving Library Fines

Ocean State Libraries is aware that some Rhode Island residents are actively being targeted by a phone scam impersonating their local library. The scam caller claims the resident owes a library fine (usually around $48) and prompts them to press a number to be connected to a librarian to pay off their fine.

The Library will never call patrons to collect fines. Automated calls from the library are used only to inform patrons that their library materials are ready for pickup, or that materials are overdue. These automated calls are used only if a patron has selected phone messages as their preferred communication method.

Phone scams like this are not uncommon and do not indicate any breach of the Library’s customer data. Similar library targeted phone scams have been reported across the world since at least 2015. If you receive or have received a call of this nature please file a report with the FTC here