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Text Message Alerts for Ocean State Libraries' Cardholders

With the library's text alert service, you can use your mobile phone to:

  • Receive text notices about holds that are available, items that are due soon and overdue items.
  • Send a text to renew an item (if item is eligible for renewal)
  • Add family members’ cards to your account with keyword ADDCARD.

The library does not charge a fee for this service.  Your mobile plan's regular text messaging rates apply.

Signing Up

To get started, text the keyword SIGNUP from your cellphone texting app to 401-298-2013.

Reply to the prompts, asking for your library card number, then PIN.  Once your registration has been completed, you will automatically get text notices about holds to pick up, items that are due soon and overdue items.  A text will be sent only when activity on your account triggers a message, or information is requested.

Why is my library PIN required?
To protect your privacy and library account, your PIN is required when signing up for text alerts.  This is the same PIN used for logging into your online library account and prevents others from accessing your library information.

Alert Types

Hold Pickup
A text alert is sent when an item you requested is ready for pickup.  The message will display a portion of the title and indicate the pickup location.

Renewal/Courtesy Alerts
An alert will be sent two (2) days before an item is due.  Items eligible for renewal may be renewed by following the directions in the alert.

Overdue Alerts
Overdue alerts are sent seven (7) days after an item's due date.  Items eligible for renewal may be renewed by following the directions in the alert.

Library Card Expiration
Library card expiration alerts are sent six (6) weeks prior to your library registration expiring.  Your record must be renewed to avoid interruption in service and keep your information current.


Request the current status of all your library items including holds, fines and current checked out items.

Text ADDCARD and follow the prompts to add another library account to your notifications.  This is useful for family members to get notifications on multiple cards with one mobile number.

Request the current fines linked to your card(s).

Display all cards and their expiration dates, linked to your phone number.

To update your phone number or carrier.

To update your PIN.

Cancel text notices for a card.

Get information about all text commands.

Get the last message sent from the text alerts.

Ends all text notifications and cancels your text alert registration.  Reply to the instructions.

Message Settings

To view and change your message settings, text:

See your current on/off settings.

Toggles your hold alerts on/off.

Toggles your courtesy alerts on/off.

Toggles your overdue alerts on/off.

Replying to Notices

Your account notices will prompt you to respond with commands, including:

Get a list of holds that are ready for pickup.

Get a list of items that are eligible to renew.

Renew all of your eligible items.

Get a list of overdue items.

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